Bring on 2018!

As this is the first post of 2018, I thought I may as well look back on my 2017 and look into the year ahead. With so many new things going on for me in the new year, Let's look back at what got me here in the first place.

Even though so many events in my life got me here, October of 2017 was the tipping point. I was scrolling through my YouTube feed and found a video on a thing called 'Preptober'. I clicked on it very curious as to what it entails. I found out it was a preparation event for a wider known event in November called NaNoWriMo, where in the month of November the goal is to write 50,000 words. It sounded daunting for me, but broken down into smaller, doable portions during each day, it can be done. This year however, I chose to use the event to finally start a project I have been dying to do for a while now.

November came and went. I didn't exactly hit the target but it got me started for the long run. My passion during those two months only grew and it has now become a huge part of my life. So I decided, during November, to get myself into a course that will hone my craft in writing and get me to a place I want to be in. Luckily for me I got accepted into the course and am now looking for a place closer to the school to live.

This now brings me to the present day and the hopes for my future. Only in the last couple of weeks I have been getting myself out there with Blue Tears on Wattpad and these posts on my website. I am hoping that Blue Tears will help me understand my writing style, perfect my voice, improve my story making skills and build a following that will hopefully love my bigger, more worked on project that will hopefully come out in a couple of years.

My goals for this year so far are to move out, complete the course and finish a second, or maybe even third draft of my novel. To me these are huge steps in my life I am taking, but I know that if I don't fully complete one of these goals, it will not be the end of the world.

So that was a glance back into the previous year, an update on where I am now and a look into the future to see what I plan to do in the coming year. I hope you all follow me on my journey as I dive right into the writer's life.

I hope you all have a great 2018!


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