New Beginnings!

Updated: Dec 27, 2017

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new website. I really hope your stay here is pleasant.

Let me introdule myself. My name is Jacky and I am a writer. It feels a little weird saying that. I feel this way because I have only just strated my journey, and the title of a writer feels as if I have done many pieces of writing when in fact I only have one short story published on Wattpad. Nevertheless, I am a writer and am in the midst of an exciting project.

Only a couple of months ago I started this project, and so far it had been the best ride I have ever been on. I am so invested in this that I have officially named it my debut novel, and I am going to make sure this is actually going to happen.

When I was in primary school, a friend of mine and I played a game during lunch. To me, however, it wasn't a game, it was an escape from reality. It let me dive deep into my imagination and follow where it lead. Before long the game turned into a fully fledges story worthy enough of being, at the time, a childrens book.

Primary school ended and I was put into a secondary school. This is where things go rough. During those years everything changed. In year eight my friend and I chose to start plotting a series with the characters we were playing as and I was hyped to get this thing going. Each time I had that spark and motivation to write chapters at a time, school had other plans.

Things happen, even if they weren't good for self esteem and imagination. The one thing that I learnt from it was to create my own path, and that is what I am doing right now.

I decided a couple of months ago to write this book after all these years. This time it's not a childrens book. This book will likely be a young adult novel and focus more on deeper issues than that of childrens books. On top of that I have decided to take on a professional writing course to help me finally make my dreams a reality. I learnt the hard way that sitting around wishing for my dreams to come true only happens in the fairytales, and to get to where I want I have to get off my but and make a game plan.

Just remember this:

I hope you stay with me through my journey.


PS: Next blog post out on Friday 29th of December. Don't miss out!

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